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My Circle Way

Home is part of your identity, your comfort and security,

and your lifetime of hard work.  

You deserve to stay there for as long as you wish! 


Dorothy said it best “There’s no place like home” 

My Circle makes that wish come true. 


As a Senior, one myth is that once you start needing help, it is time to move to a retirement community, surrender your house and give up your control -- My Circle says NO to that myth. We understand this and are committed to providing the support necessary, no matter how big or small, to help you stay independent and comfortable in your home. 


As the Adult Child/Friend, you may feel the only option is to move Mom/Dad to a retirement community or assisted living. My Circle is a new solution so you can support them, not uproot them. We help you maintain the loving relationship with your Mom/Dad, so you are not managing their life and completing tasks like a second job.  


With My Circle, Seniors get the personalized assistance needed to stay in their home and everyone can focus on a loving relationship with quality time together. 


Our Member Advocates

Our Member Advocate helps you do what YOU want and need to do — independently — with peace of mind for you and your family.

We are relationship-based professionals who help you maintain your quality of life, with independence, safety, and community — all in the comfort of your home. We communicate with the Member, their family, special friends, trusted advisors, and anyone in the Circle of Support. 

My Circle's Approach


Our Pillars


Home means independence, familiarity, connection, and joy; it’s about comfort and belonging. It’s home.



Being connected is part of being human. Meeting new people, socializing; enjoying shared interests; fostering creativity and learning. All are part of community.



Overcoming obstacles, problem-solving, confidently pursuing self-care, living life on your own terms, while enjoying all that life gives. That’s well-being.

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