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My Circle?

Home care companies are not the only option!  
My Circle is a new solution to the same old problem. 
Keep your control and  independence!

My Circle brings personalized services, support, and social connection to your home — when you need it.

With My Circle you LIVE in place, not Age in place -- wine ages, people live! 

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Senior with dog at home.
As a
  • Are you feeling alone or overwhelmed by how hard it's getting to live in your home?

  • Don't want to ask your kids/friends for help?

  • Do you see friends/family less frequently?

  • Are you the primary caregiver for your spouse?

  • Are you starting to feel lonely?

  • Do you need more help, but don't know how to get it?

  • Do you not want to burden your children or friends?

Adult Child/Friend
As an
  • Are you caring for a parent?

  • Don’t feel like the daughter or son anymore?

  • Are you managing your busy life and now your parent(s) life?

  • Wanting to do more but not enough time?

  • Feeling guilty of not being able to do more?

  • Considering moving them to Senior Living or Assisted Living but they don’t want to move?

Is This Your Situation?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, My Circle is for you. We build a personalized Circle of Support around you and your family.
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Happy Woman

“Initially we were not certain that we needed more services. We were wrong. My Circle provides us the additional support we need to age in our home. My Circle has proved to be the missing link to achieve our goal of aging in our home and has filled a need we were not sure we had.”

Member - Linda

My Circle’s “LIFE” Pledge

At My Circle, we pledge to enhance YOUR LIFE. We intend to earn your trust — and re-earn it — each day of services. We’ll get there by consistently bringing to our relationship a spirit of mutual understanding, familiarity with your needs, empathy, and competency.



to create a plan that makes the best use of resources.



quality and affordable solutions at the right time.



each step in the plan with expert problem-solving.



your home, community, and well-being.

What does success look like?

You remain in your home, living safely and independently, with purpose and fulfillment. You become more optimistic about your overall health, independence, relationships, and environment.

We offer solutions for:

  • Scheduling transportation to doctor, pharmacy, social/religious events

  • Coordinating home maintenance and modifications

  • Enabling social activity and engagement

  • Preparing to return home from a hospital stay

  • Setting up home healthcare

  • Managing housekeeping, meals, groceries, and technology support

  • Assuring the home is safe for Mom & Dad

...and much more!

Our caring Member Advocates surround you with support!

Our Team

My Circle is made up of professionals with a diverse background in senior care and a passion for helping others. 

Our Member Advocates work directly with you in any way you need help. We are relationship-based professionals who help you maintain your quality of life, with independence, safety, and community — all in the comfort of your home. We communicate with the Member, their family, special friends, trusted advisors, and anyone in the Circle of Support. 


  What about all the services you need?

We've all heard, "I know a guy..."

With My Circle "We know 100s of guys and gals..."

Any services not performed by My Circle, we have trusted and verified service providers. 


How does it work?

We serve as your 1 call solution. Instead of you spending hours trying to find a service provider for each task: handyman, home care, housekeeping, meals, transportation, tech support --- You call your Member Advocate and My Circle takes care of it.

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Call 314-780-0045 or click Contact Today to learn more and schedule your free in-home consultation!

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